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This Album recorded live in the basement of the Hansen Hospital (the old leper's hospital) in Jerusalem, 22-23.8.2012, as part of a Festi-Conference for Creative Collectives.

The whole recording session took less then 48 hours - there were no rehearsals, no written or pre-composed notes, no overdubs or additional recordings - it's all live, raw & without planning.

we hope you'll enjoy the tunes (& if you do - consider donate us so we can continue recording).

We've uploaded the original 24bit-post-master audio files for the best sound quality experience.

We Are Ghosts
we [AT] areghosts.com


released February 23, 2013


~The Ghosts~

✯ Shany Kedar - Vocals, Percussions, Melodica, Glockenspiel, Samsung Galaxy
✯ Morphlexis - Vocals, E. Guitar, Bass, Percussions, Electronic Drums Programing, Glockenspiel, Lap Steel
✯ Guy Hajaj - IPad, Effects Manipulation, E. Guitar, Percussions
✯ Roy Regev - E. Guitar, Synthesizer, Effects Manipulation
✯ Danny Raveh - Percussions, Vocals, Bass
✯ Noa Magger - Vocals, Melodica, Percussions
✯ Amir Nir - Roland SH-2 Synth, Panasonic 3 in 1 Portable Turntable, Sampling, Melodica, Sporadic Vocals & Percussion
✯ Orri Dror - Bass, Double Bass, Mandolin, Percussions, Vocals, Portable Turntable
✯ Guy Bibi - Percussions, Electronic Percussions
✯ Udi Raz - Vocals, Percussions, Brass

~Special Guests~
✯ Orr Hason - Bass, Double Bass, E. Guitar, Vocals, Percussions
✯ Tomer Damsky - Vocals, Percussions, Paper


Recording Engineer - Roei Luster
Mixing & Mastering - Morphlexis
Art & Design by Shany Kedar
Photographs by Noa Magger


The album was envisioned and performed in the framework of We - Festi-Conference for Creative Collectives, which took place at Hansen, August 2012, as part of the Jerusalem Season of Culture. The Ghosts wish to thank the event’s artistic directors: Rotem Rozental, Leo Liberman and Yotam Kellner (Af Magazine) and the producer Lidia Meltin. To the Jerusalem Season of Culture: Itay Mautner, artistic director, and Naomi Bloch-Fortis, executive director.

האלבום תוכנן ובוצע במסגרת WE - פסטי-כנס לקולקטיבים יוצרים, אשר נערך בהנסן, אוגוסט 2012, במסגרת עונת התרבות בירושלים. הרוחות רוצות להודות למנהלים האמנותיים של האירוע, רותם רוזנטל, ליאו ליברמן ויותם קלנר (מגזין האף) ולמפיקה לידיה מלטין. לצוות עונת התרבות בירושלים: איתי מאוטנר, המנהל האמנותי, ונעמי בלוך-פורטיס, מנהלת כללית.


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We Are Ghosts Jerusalem, Israel

We Are Ghosts is a spontaneous music project, which brings together musicians to create a one-time adventurous encounter that can not be reconstructed. The Guiding principle is documenting improvisational sessions without rules or genre restrictions.

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